Silvan Sampler CD

All music & artwork composed, produced & copyrighted to Ellen Saunders.

Guitar played by Ellen; made by Susan Faretta of Shelton-Faretta guitars.

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Silvan Songs

1  Silvan Summer Night

Loomis &  Stellar F# flutes  4:44

2  Bright Angel Trail

Two Towers B flute  4:22

3  Far Away from Home

Russ Venable E Alternate Tuning  3:59

4  Kickin’ the Leaves

Loomis A flute  5:16

5  Silvan Snow

Pat Partridge D flute & G xaio  5:35

6  Coyote Canyon

Loomis F# flute  6:38

7  Silvario

Pat Partridge D & Loomis G flute  5:10

8  Not so Quiet Bear

Quiet Bear F & Loomis C flutes  7:11

9  Calling You

Pat Haran, Gary Khul & Stellar Bb flutes,

Quiet Bear F flute, Anthony Natividad Nose flute, Mini Moyo 4:22

10  Swingin’ Along

Loomis F# flute  4:17

11  We B Jamming

Two Tower B & Loomis F# flutes  6:32

12   For Poncho

Loomis A flute  3:24

13  Chasing Away the Rain

Earth Tone E  3:49

I teach flute and guitar lessons in my recording studio west of Portland, OR. 

I also teach guitar composition to accompany world flutes.

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