Music Lessons on World Flutes and Guitar

My studio is west of Portland, OR

Contact me at 503-939-1858

I teach Native American type flutes & basic guitar accompaniment for flutes.  I also work with rim-blown flutes like Xiao, Anasazi and Quena.  

I enjoy seeing students get joy out of having their heart sing through their breath.  They can enjoy feeling their spirit take flight in only a few sessions.  I work with beginners who have no previous musical experience as well as more advanced players.  Though some people feel concerned about a lack of prior music training, anyone who wants to play can learn in a short time if they have a passion for this type of music.  One can play simple meditative melodies for relaxation and spiritual connection or play music from jazz, blues, and rock to middle eastern and world beat.

I also help people get comfortable playing in a ensemble format with other musicians and instruments like percussion, harp, guitar, and didgeridoo.  Learning to keep rhythm and melodic harmonies gives an amazing experience of entrainment.  It elevates the state of consciousness of everyone in the room.

I hold free music improvisational jam sessions for students.

Professional players get together here from time to time.  I would love to have you come join us.  Let us know if you are in town and we will gather friends to play.