Astrology & Shamanism


I have 40 years of astrological experience combined with the study of both comparative esoteric practices and ritual work.  

I use the astrological chart to help students of the inner subtle energies gain perspective on their course. The chart information leads to discussion of what tools might be helpful for progress on the karmic path. The use of tools are then taught for introduction into the subtle realm & inner landscape. We may decide to use shamanic journeying on the beat of the drum, or use a guided travel to communicate with astrological guides in the inner guide meditations.

A daily practice will be encouraged to open the gates to the subtle inner wisdom.  I have found it is most useful to the seeker on the path to keep a journal of their work and dreams.

Music as a vibrational healing is also a favorite tool of mine. I am continually finding new information about not only the use of hearing sound for healing but the extensive brain neuron synapse development that comes with the actual playing of an instrument. Teaching music is one of my greatest joys.

I have also spent many years studying couples' relationships & the spiritual course couples can help each other take.  It is a profound spiritual discipline when two people work together to raise their understanding.

It is my firm belief that the true teacher is one's own inner teachers.  I am dedicated to helping people get the tools they need to help themselves, hear their inner wisdom and create community where they are aided by sharing their path with others. 


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