To protect and defend our community, we support local green community action.  Check the links below:


Neighbors Against Apple Valley Airport Expansion has finally won a 14 year battle to stop the toxic spray poisning by Applebee Aviation over Northwest forest clear cuts.  If you want to read about our struggle, please check the NAAVE.ORG web.  The property has been sold and we are looking forward to a new neighbor who we hope will be comitted to an environmentally healthy use of the property.

NAAVE was established in 2005 to protect the Banks, Manning, and Buxton area from the incursion of new and frequent helicopter traffic coming from the Apple Valley Airstrip when its new owner began very disturbing low, loud, illegal flight training and sight seeing over the local schools, farms and linear trail and park as well as spraying toxic herbacides on NW forests.

BEYOND TOXICS has done great work to bring attention to the toxic spraying of herbicides and bee killing poison.  They work tiresly at the Oregon state capitol on legislation as well as organize events all over Oregon.

The "No on LNG" groups are very important to our community.

There are many, Check for information:

Columbia River Keepers is a good place to start

Many miles of planned gas pipelines would cut across many of Oregon's  and Washington's most valuable family farms and through critical fish and wildlife habitats. There are many concern with the damage the LNG pipelines would cause to our communities. For example, the Jordan Cove project in Coose Bay was denied by FERC several time but has once again become active.  It would destroy the fishing industry of the southern Oregon coast. For more information, check:

OCAP    Oregon Citizens Against Pipelines



A coalition of organizations

Washington County Citizen Action Network

There are many different groups involved in the formation of this coalition in Washington County, Oregon.

The group's goals are to:

          • empower residents in the political process,

          • foster sustainable, health enhancing communities,

          • improve environmental stewardship,

          • achieve social and economic justice 

          • ensure open and responsive government. 



Political Green Action