Flowing with the water,

Playing with the wind,

Inspired by the flame,

Nurtured by the earth,

In harmony we send out our songs.

The Columbia River Flute Circle is for all students and lovers of the Native American Type Flute and drum.  The Columbia River Flute Ensemble group is a rotating group of advanced experimental musicians who want to create new group compositions.  The members are from several flute circles and musicians from the NW.

October 25, 2021 update

  The flute circle is again on hiatus until we can meet out doors in the late spring or the covid crisus deminishes. Unfortunatly the studio is too small for more thatn a half dozen or so.  We will arange some indoor ensemble gatherings in the interum.  Everyone who has been vaccinated will be welcome when we feel it is safe to resume circles.  In the mean time there are a number of zoom sessions put on by both NW flute Circles and by the World Flute Society.

When we resume circles bring flutes, drums, guitars, didges, and other musical instruments that will support the flute players.  We suggest that you bring your own snacks.  We will return to open circle potlucks as soon as it's feasible.   RSVP to: Ellen_L_Saunders@me.com.  

Contact Sara Marvin (rjsjmarv@gmail.com) or check the Flutestock site on Facebook for more information for the plans for FluteStock 2022.  The board has several new projects in the works.  Unfortunatly the web site needs to be replaced as our web master lost everything in the fires. We are working on a new web site.

Ellen 503-939-1858     

Columbia River Flute Circle & Columbia River Flute Ensemble