Columbia River Flute Circle & Columbia River Flute Ensemble

The Columbia River Flute Circle is for all students and lovers of the Native American Type Flute and drum. The Columbia River Flute Ensemble group is a rotating group of advanced experimental musicians who want to create new group compositions.  The members are from several flute circles and musicians from the NW.

The Columbia River Flute Circle and Ensemble group is once again on hiatus, this time due to the shelter in place advice for seniors.  We hope to plan some outdoor gatherings for making music here at Silvanus Grove west of Portland.  Our friends at Three Feathers Flute Circle and the Siletz River Flute Circle are also contemplating possible outdoor gatherings when safe.

Please stay in touch during this trying time!  Check the site when reopening becomes safe.  We will all get through this with our music soothing our hearts.  So many hours to create new music.  Can’t wait to hear what comes forth.  We will keep everybody posted when we can plan gatherings.

Ellen 503-939-1858