Silvanus is the Roman god of the woods and fields. He is associated with watching over the fields, protecting boundaries & protecting flocks as well as his musical flute.    

There are many Roman & Greek gods of nature.  For example, Pan, who so loved the beautiful Syrinx that he chased her to the river's edge where she begged assistance from the river nymphs.  When she was transformed into hollow water reeds, Pan fashioned them into a flute.  Claude Debussy wrote "Syrinx" (Le Flute De Pan) to commemorate Pan's sadness over losing his love.  With our love of wild places, dance, & music, we feel welcomed by this beautiful spirit of the flute & the mountain.  We are grateful that he watches over our orchard and woods. Thank you, Silvanus, for your inspiration & protection.

Many loves, many lives

Welcome to the many moods of

Silvanus Grove

There is magic in our

Oregon Coast Mountains

"Silvan Summer Night"

By Ellen Saunders


By Ellen Saunders

My composition:  "Longing"

Silvanus Grove misses the musical communion of friends.

May the longing in our hearts be fulfilled...

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